Love your Mother. A few ways we're reducing our impact on our planet.

All online purchase's are accompanied with a hand written 'Thankyou' card, for these, we team up with the good team over at Moule-Print in Fitzroy North. At Moule-Print 100% of paper waste is recycled, 100% of metal printing plates are recycled. They use only Vegetable-Based Printing Inks & run the operating with 100% Greenpower :) Pretty great huh?!

In 2020 we switched our Gift Vouchers from PVC Plastic to Recycled ABS. And you didn't even notice! ABS Plastic is super common in the world, it makes up everything from the buttons on your keyboard to all the LEGO we have ever played with. Lucky for us, and the future generations, ABS Plastic is easily recyclable. Help save our planet, buy more Them People vouchers...

We are super proud to announce we are 100% Carbon Offset. Partnering with Greenfleet in January 2021. To date, Greenfleet has planted more than 9.4 million native trees across more than 500 forests in Australia and New Zealand. 

We switched all our interior and exterior lights to best practice lightening with the help from John at . This mean's our new lights are 88% more energy efficient than previous. 

We also recycle all the cardboard boxes and plastic wrappings. 

We're pretty proud of the efforts we go to reduce our impact and provide a better future for the younger generations to come.