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And So Begins December...

We made it. Almost mask free and with a new found appreciation for outdoor spaces, our nearest and dearest and something I missed the most... A counter meal. I satisfied that desire last week, with a parma & a pot.

If you've made it into store, gee are we super happy to see your face. Thank you for supporting our family business and keeping us around. We've missed you so.

Don't turn away now, I'm not about to recap the year or tell you all the things we did to pass the time (Trav painted the change-rooms). I'm here to give a quick shout out to the tip top products that seem to be hot on everyone's lips this week. So sit tight.

If I had a dolla for every time someone asked about completes. As it stands, in this moment, there are 4 complete Skateboards hanging on the wall. This my friends, is about to change. Pretty soon we're set to receive the first of our 'Local Series' featuring a bunch of completes and wood. It's pretty rad I'm not gonna lie. But more on that later. We've got Skate Completes still to arrive before Christmas from friends over at Santa Cruz, Birdhouse, Enjoi, Almost, Blind, Creature & Element. The order book is filling up fast, best to reach out to us to make sure you're on the call list when they start rolling on in.

Man, if I had a dolla for everytime someone asked about our socks. Nah kidding, but for reals. It's really the nicest feeling that our socks sold out. And that you're all so keen to get more. I have good news and great news. Good news - they are close, real close. I can smell that fresh sock smell. I can feel the extra soft bounce you get when you slide on into a pair of fresh People socks. Great news is, we've got white 4pks coming, black 4pks coming and mixed 4pks coming. Get ready feet.

It really is the brand of the season. And why wouldn't it be. Heading into summer, probably the most important summer we are all yet to experience. Off the back of a pretty unsocial 2020, I predict the park hangs, backyard barbies & casual catch ups are going to epic. And for this, we need a pretty epic sidekick. Enter - the Kollab Picnic Mat, with super cute matching tote's and Esky. Need I say more. I can though, if you know us, you know how much we love our Kollab. We use them for everything. From our day to day bag (Market Bag) to the ultimate laundry bag (Beach Bag) or to the lunchbox that your boyfriend doesn't want you to buy him because it's lame to have a lunchbox but continues to use yours on a daily basis and now has all the other lads on site pinching their missus's or kids lunchbox's & you keep yelling at the kids for loosing their lunchbox but really its your man that keeps taking said lunchbox. Oh, this lunchbox can also hold a 6pk of your choice of 'tinnie's'. Maybe tell him this is why you brought him his own 'lunchbox'. Kollab is great. And it's going hot fast.

We have box's & box's arriving daily. Keep your eyes peeled on the socials and keep popping into store for updates. Tell your mates & fam you love 'em.

Team People x